A Repeat

I have said this before, and whether it is wise to repeat it is arguable, because I think you will know what I am about to say, but it seems that we are unable to do anything about it. In my view our political system had lost its way

It is we, the populace, who provide the finances for the running of the country and in consequence expect a reasonable return, and a minimum of flummery and waste. The opposition collectively, is not there to fight its own corner; it is there to keep a check on the way the country is being run and to highlight mismanagement and waste. What is actually happening is that Parliament seems to be more interested in its own function, and what is more its individual reputations, as a result of a feeding frenzy of mass media, than it is in its true function. You only have to listen to PM’s Question Time, to realise this is the case. The continuous stream of change in every aspect of our lives, almost on a daily basis is a clear signal that the statement is correct. In all my adult life from the end of World War II when I was demobbed, I have never seen such a disruptive and insecure method of government, with its constant carping, with the total mismanagement of the more unimportant aspects of parliamentary procedure, which has been pounced upon by the media and has totally devalued the system as a whole, when it could have been handled just as fairly and without the razzmatazz. This was clearly a political ploy which certainly backfired to the detriment of us all, and now we are having more of this nonsense being splattered across the world and demeaning our way of life. Is it any wonder people are no longer bothering to vote because all they will get is a rubber stamp of what they have just had, only the colour will have changed?

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