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The hidden world of the DHSS
The average man in the street even in a lifetime barely scratches the complexity and the store of help that is there waiting for use. Become handicapped and a whole new world opens up to you. It always annoyed me when people used to complain and still do, about the quality of the DHSS, when they haven’t a clue of the incredible complexity and difficulty of running such an enormous department, with so many different individual sub-departments as the DHSS has. The degree of concern, help, assistance and equipment, offered by the DHSS with goodwill and care only becomes apparent when you really needed it. For those who are handicapped the level of help offered in their own home, and the equipment to make their life more simple and bearable, is unbelievable until you are actually on the receiving end. If you get on to the government website as I have had to do, you will be amazed at what is on offer, sometimes for some people totally free, and for the rest of us just very little cost. In saying that, I exclude the cost to the individual or being placed in a care home, as it is government not DHSS policy.

The logicality of international foreign policy
Ultimately, at the behest of the USA, a large proportion of those countries with the facilities, have been induced into fighting wars that were not about the original problems presented by the UN, but about America’s foreign policy especially when it comes to oil. Hussein did a lot of sabre rattling with his fiction of an atomic arsenal, and we were suckered in. As an individual I find it strange that the world isn’t openly and even militarily up in arms against Pakistan for harbouring and apparently doing little about the terrorists clique within its borders, who are creating havoc and murder to a monstrous extent elsewhere, when on the face of it all they are receiving is remonstration.

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