An open letter to the Glen Moray Distillery

On the fourth of June this year I posted a piece on Mix and Match, on this website depicting how I used your product, produced at that time, to make the drink, which to my taste is better than any of the single malts that I own and were presents from family at Christmas. This is not a begging letter, nor a weepy, it is the request for an accommodation that will enable me to enjoy the product of my invention at a cost that I can afford. If you look at the top right hand corner of the website you will see the word ‘About’, which will inform you that I have been retired for some considerable time with the consequent annual diminution of my income. It will also inform you that I have had a tough life, am a stoic, and also that I am fully aware of the legal minefield of a manufacturer receiving written modifications to his product, and adopting those modifications.

Up until recently I was able to mix my drink at the cost, although slightly rising, that I could afford. Your product now has gone from approximately £16 to £30 which places it beyond my budget. Last Christmas, I had a serious accident and crushed my spine, to the extent that for nine months I was unable to leave the house, and carry on a normal life. I shall have to live with this impediment forever. You can imagine for a man of 86, this change has been considerably radical. The one brilliant spot was that every evening at five o’clock I drank an excessively large measure of my concoction, enjoying every sip. It had been my policy to buy three bottles at a time of Glen Moray, which would last me approximately 3 months. So it was that I suddenly found that my main pleasure had been usurped by the sudden change, presumably in Glen Moray that warranted its increase in cost. My knowledge of commerce makes me think that within your warehouses there are still bottles of the original Glen Moray. I am therefore asking that perhaps you can accommodate me and allow me to purchase three cases at roughly the price I was paying a few months ago, and that if I should live beyond 91, I would like to think that I can still obtain the old Glen Moray, a case or two at a time, as I am ever upbeat. In your situation you will obviously appreciate what a loss this change in your product has caused me, I know I shall never find a drink, which has the flavour and quality that pleases me as this does, and I trust you will look upon my request favourably.

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