Hi, I’m Back.

Well, to some extent, but not to the rate in the good old days. For a start the dictation programme I used to use, has gone ‘walk-about, and I am a slow typist. In addition my Sophie has now to be cared for in a Care Home, with all the changes that implies.

On a more amusing note, I have seen behavioural patterns of a family of sparrows evincing territorial protection in an amusing way, and to annoying proportions. My car was parked outside the sitting-room window when I was distracted by what I thought was a bird trapped in the car, fluttering to find a way out. I was concerned on two counts for the bird, obviously, but because apparently I had left a window open overnight.

On closer examination I found the bird was fluttering manically on the driver’s wing mirror, and later on both wing mirrors. The bird had mistaken its own image for an invader and was busy firing faeces with great force at the image, to the point where the mirrors were almost totally covered. The whole of the bird’s family later joined, presumably, on Dad’s instructions. Years ago I was similarly perturbed when a bird repeatedly crashed into a window. The RSPB later told me the bird was attacking its own image.

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