It is late enough as it is

I am talking about compensation for those people, caught up in the problem created by the dust storm created by the Iceland volcano. Firstly, the people affected are mainly in Northern Europe. Secondly, if the experts are not able to predict accurately how the cloud will perform, how can the passengers, and the aircraft organizations make valid decisions. We are not talking about minor decisions, where the aircraft are concerned, we are talking in millions, and with the passengers, anything from £500, up to £2000, where the journey can involve three separate flights each way. In this latter circumstance, the chances of making one connection, let alone three, is almost impossible, with the result that the passenger will have missed at least one flight, with all the expenses that involves.

In the case of my own family, three grandsons with their wives and children, were all affected, one in New York. A Scot in London, and one whose home is in Cyprus, holidaying at the family home in Ireland, incurring losses ranging from in excess of £500, to over £2,000. I have not taken the time to carry out any research, because the information that is flying about, varies with everyone you speak to.

I believe that the least the EU, if not a world organization should at this moment be hammering out is a compensation document to refund all those who have legitimately been affected by this crisis. This must include the flight carriers, as in this financial climate, many have cut their fares to the bone. As air travel is as common as using a car, with people travelling the world over, with the result of the dust storm being so unpredictable, a small percentage of the world population is likely to be singled out to have their flight arrangements totally disrupted, causing considerable expense which they may or may not be able to afford, and have not budgeted for. It is noticeable when there is a disaster of high proportion, governments across the world send aid to the region. Is this situation so different? I believe our politicians and those of the other countries in Northern Europe should be appealing to the big organizations to set some simple form of compensation, which is practically immediate, and fair

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