Lack of imagination

I don’t know about your area, but here, in North Down, we have been issued with a little green box, roughly 10 inches, by 10 inches, by 10 inches, in which to put the scrapings of the plates after a meal, or the waste from food preparation, such items as bones, fish, and the sort of scraps that we used to put in the bin under the sink. One is expected to deposit the contents of the box at regular intervals into the green garden waste bin. Who ever thought this idea up has not given it the amount of attention required for something which was going to have to be used by people under varying circumstances, and in different places. I am finding that I am not the only one who objects to having received this piece of equipment for a number of reasons. For a start, the item itself is hideous, of a colour that would never meld in any normal kitchen, is difficult to find a position which makes its use simple and easy. They haven’t taken into account the relative differences between a house of a single elderly bachelor or widower, with that of an average household, or indeed, a large family.

There is one vital fact that they have ignored, the green garden bin is often filled to the top on the day that it is empted, especially in the Spring, with the result that the waste will be on the top, and will mount during the 2 or 3 weeks before it is next empted, with the smell and health hazard that will be inevitable. Just for one moment, imagine that you are emptying a minuscule amount of waste at a time, the rate of build-up will be negligible, while the number of trips to the little green box, wherever it is placed, plus the trips to the green bin per day will vary according to the family, but in any case I believe that the saving in time by not using the green box, more than out-ways the level of methane that these small scraps will generate

Finally, the expense of providing these boxes in the current financial climate seems to me to be ill advised. Another case of Globwarm fanaticism overcoming common sense.

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