Auther’s Note

My regular readers will be aware that I have been ill in the last three months and in consequence have not been writing on a regular basis, but I now intend to change that in a radical way. Over the years I have said more or less everything I intended to say that illustrated a principle which is applicable to similar circumstances. As a result of having said the same thing in many different ways, I feel that I’ve covered the ground adequately, and will only write, as I do now, when I have something cogent to say, that is worth saying. Originally, I was given the blog by my grandson to express my autobiography, and in the early years that is what I did. I am convinced by the statistics, and the fact that the years between the First World War and now, are of a high level of interest, and also because it would seem that they are being used in some cases for school projects. I have no way of knowing that this is the case, so I propose to start at the very beginning and for one week post a page of a biography on a daily basis, on the blog, and subsequently, instead, two pages every Saturday and Sunday. I do this for a specific reason, above wanting to give new readers an opportunity to see those pages, I wish to gauge the popularity of the auto biography in the current climate.

I wish to stress that what I have written in the autobiography is not so much about what I have done, but about the ambiances with time, the dramatic encapsulated in the ordinary, and the converse. I personally found through my 88 years such an incredible change in every aspect of life and living, that it is worthily of note. Circumstance has given me the opportunity to live and work in a vast variety of totally different milieu, which gave me, standing on the sidelines, this immensely graphic perspective.

Thank you for your continued support

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