Predictable stupidity

Predictable stupidity
For some time now, I have been stating in the blog that I could not understand how the government was permitting the legal faction to advertise on television that people could claim if they had an accident. I even cited a case in Belfast, where a flight of steps, which were constructed out of paving slabs, and was part of a parking area, was continually vandalised so that individuals could first damage the steps, then appeared to fall on them, and claim from the local council

It is now coming to the surface that this possibility of obtaining compensation from accident, by taking legal action, is not only spurious, it is being used by criminals to obtain money, in some cases by actually manufacturing a car accident involving two cars. To anybody with any sense this was predictable, and should have been cut off at the very beginning. I was always under the impression that if you had any dealings with a solicitor, you had to pay the solicitor, or even the barrister. These advertisements claim that the recipient will receive the full amount of the compensation without any deduction. I find this totally iniquitous, because those advertisements are not put up without there being some advantage for the professional legal factions obtaining profit. What I don’t understand is where the profit is coming from.

All along I was of the opinion that it was not necessary to bail out the banks, it would have been cheaper and easier in the long term, to allow the individual to transfer his savings from the banks to a central government- instituted bank. The government would then have more finance on which to draw on a short-term basis. I believe if that had been done, and strict measures taken with both the banks and stock exchange, way back when it was obvious that people were gambling, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

For a family to be able to manage their financial affairs, they need to know in long-term, any changes in taxes, the rates, and other large items of their budget, otherwise the whole thing is chaotic. We are now finding that the government is continuously changing the way things are operated, in the case of the changes in electoral boundaries, and at a time financial upheaval, seem to me to be a selfish act which was not done for the sake of the populace, but for some other reason

It would be most interesting if, on the Internet, there was a website where people could write about the matters of government policy which they considered to be totally unnecessary, at this time. My generation had job security, now no such thing exists except possibly in Parliament for five years. If you were a tradesman, which meant that you had a qualification; if you had academic qualification and were in a professional job, then the chances of you getting the sack, would have been minimal, because even in austere times, everybody pulled together, and the bosses took the brunt as well as the staff. Today it is dog eat dog and what it will be like in the future is hard to foretell, because it would appear that greed is God

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