To me it is serious stuff

Let us start with three facts. Fact one, two and a half years ago commentators, journalists, even simple men in the street like me, were bleating about the fact that the internal debt would cripple this country, and those in authority ignored us. Fact two, billions in assorted currencies are being spent on the discovery of how the world materialised and also on space travel, which appear to me to be squandering assets that should be used in better ways. Fact three, since the dawn of history the progress of the world, the effects of the humans on it, and changes in nature itself, have been detrimentally modified, century on century at an exponential rate, until we have arrived where we are today with global warming, a breakdown in society, and no idea of what the future holds. What is worse, our masters are more interested in carrying on long debates about whether or not a few pages of information should or should not have been revealed. The Damian Green saga seems to have ousted practically everything from the headlines for days.

We have the scientists, the naturalists, the geologists, etc, but I believe we are not using them as we should, on a worldwide basis, where every country contributes its own historical changes in every field of physical change, endeavour and nature, to a central analytical database, that would enable the causes and effects of these changes to be analysed on a continental basis, so that the prognosis of future changes can be made in time for our descendants to formulate plans to combat, modify or accommodate their lives to take account of these changes. If the attitudes of our current masters throughout the world are anything to go by, it would seem that this is not being treated on a global scale, or even domestically at a level that it should be. There is no doubt it would cost money to set up and maintain, but probably a lot less at the end of the day, than the piecemeal panic measures which would be put into place if it wasn’t. There are so many examples of where these various changes are affecting our lives already, apart from global warming, one of the most serious being the plight of the honeybee which is vital for pollination, and therefore natural maintenance of not only the countryside, but our very food. The list is endless. It seems that today we tinker rather than grasp the nettle.

It is the fact that I have seen such incredible changes in every aspect of the world as a whole over the last 60 years, from the end of WW2, and us as individuals, that I write this. I am fully aware that someone more experienced in all the avenues I have referred to, would be better equipped to make these statements, but I believe it is time that someone did after having seen the debacle of the credit crunch.

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